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Gail Savitz: The Work

I make both functional and one-of-a-kind pieces, hand-built or wheel-thrown on my mighty Soldner electric wheel.
I use high temperature stoneware and porcelain clay and fire to 2270 degrees in my cone 10 electric kiln.

“Give the clay a chance."
At some point in the making, whether it's a simple wheel-thrown bowl or a complicated hand-built sculpture the work finds balance and the forming part is finished.

Then for the glazing and firing. Pottery making is a long process with hazards along the way. Large hand-built pieces are difficult to get through a firing without stress cracking. There are plenty of unexpected and stunning effects in a high temperature oxidation atmosphere.

Even after years of making pots I find glazing a challenge. Slight differences in glaze viscosity, clay body, layering of glazes add up to pieces coming out of the kiln that surprise. Some welcome and others not. This is part of the challenge that brings me back to my studio. I'm interested in working with and manipulating clay, and at the end of the process, observing the interraction high temperatures have on the clay body and glazes.

Life lessons found in the studio.                                                                                There is much the studio potter has little control of... a hard lesson for one whose natural inclination is to exert control over as much as possible!

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